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It's the first time I make this zacusca, when I put it in jars it seemed like a trivial beaten bean, but after about two or three weeks when I opened a jar I found with pleasure that it is a delight. As with tuica, you have to "bite" so you can drink it, hahahaha.

  • 1kg beans
  • 3kg capsicum
  • 1 kg onion
  • 1 kg carrots
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 l tomato broth
  • 1 l oil
  • salt, pepper, bay leaves

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


Bring the beans to a boil with salt and a few bay leaves, cook the peppers, and finely chop the onions and carrots, if possible at the food processor.

Saute onions and carrots in oil, I used a large tuci, add the peppers and beans that in the meantime I gave them through the meat grinder and the tomato broth. Simmer for about two to three hours and season with salt and pepper. At the end add the finely chopped garlic.

I put the zacusca hot in jars, but for extra safety I sterilized them for 40 minutes.

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Donuts stuffed with cauliflower in a jar

Comments (11)


It doesn't look like a healthy combination to me, and the color.

And the wrong recipe. it probably comes out with eggplant but the original one does not contain this vegetable. in addition, the quantities and method of preparation are. elsewhere

is the worst zacusca recipe I've ever read!

I've never heard of such a thing. A recipe fffff. stupid

the beans must be boiled separately. then mixed..and add the rest of the ingredients..onions..carrot. baked peppers..tomato paste..spices. portion ..you make it as big as you want and oil as much as you want it..quantities..you put them..depending on what you want to predominate more..I make it out of your eyes .good appetite! not bad. literally. try and convince yourself.

It may turn out good. But anyway, it can be seen that there are only women here.

this is not a zacusca recipe, by far.

I refrain from criticizing. but honestly I do not agree with these "recipes" that do not even have the trusts and quantities cooked for a traditional recipe! zacusca is part of the traditional, delicious and successful dishes of the Romanians! so be very careful what you post.

my maria, meaning io, the eldest, I have also eaten fasokle zacusca. although it is special. Does this word sound good to you? but what about you? florsi un romanesc Y. toantelor kiar e buena.problematica would be that it is made faster and ok, from beans fresh out of the sheaths. otherwise, the beans are boiled separately. then everything that is written there. according to taste. move the onion or not, dumplings or not, eggplants more or not at all, and that's about housewife lipsticks.

this zacusca may be good, but the ingredients and the quantities should be respected.

Bean zacusca recipe


  • 3 kg of dried beans
  • 4 kg of onions
  • 5 kg of capsicum / donuts
  • 3 l of sunflower oil
  • 2 l of broth
  • salt / pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

  1. Clean and wash all the vegetables very well.
  2. Bring the beans to a boil. After boiling, it must be left to cool and then passed through the mincer.
  3. Put the onion to harden, and then you have to pass it through the mincer.
  4. Do the same with kapia peppers or donuts.
  5. After all the vegetables have been passed through the mincer, put them in a pot and add the oil and spices to taste.
  6. Zacusca is ready when it has dropped and the oil has come to the surface.
  7. At the end, put hot zacusca & icircn jars and sterilize them. The bean zacusca is ready to be stored in the pantry.

Bean Zacusca & # 8211 The Perfect Snack (Recipe)

A bean curd like at home mom, perfect not only for fasting days. It is easy to prepare, with ingredients at your fingertips. Here's what you have to do!

Necessary ingredients:

• 1 kg of dried beans
• 2 kg onions
• 3 kg donuts
• 1 liter of oil
• 1 liter of broth
• salt

Method of preparation:

1. Boil the beans, and after they are cooked, leave them to cool and then pass them through the mincer. The donuts are also passed through the mincer.
2. Peel the onion and pass it through the mincer, then add it to the hot oil and leave it to harden a little. Add the donuts, beans, broth and salt to taste, and boil until the oil comes to the surface. Put the zacusca in jars and a teaspoon of oil on top.

Simple recipe for bean curd. The ingredients you need


  • 1 kg of onion
  • 500 grams of carrots
  • 1 kg of peppers
  • 1 kg of donuts
  • 700 grams of beans
  • 2 kg of tomatoes
  • 700 ml of oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Bay leaves.

Method of preparation:

These ingredients will reach you, in the end, for ten jars of zacusca. Before you even start cleaning the zacusca, you have to prepare the beans. Let it soak in water for a few hours. Change the water at least two or three times. It is popularly said that you can add some baking soda to the first water to remove & # 8222 the gas & # 8221 from the beans.

Simple recipe for bean curd. The first water is cold water, the next ones will be set on fire and boiled before the waters are changed. When the beans are quite soft, you can either pass half and put the rest in the zacusca, or pass it all, as for the bean stew. Then wash the peppers and donuts and bake. They will give a special flavor to our dish.

What tricks can you use for bean curd

After they are baked, they are smothered in a pot, then they are cooled and cleaned. This way you will get rid of the chore of cleaning more easily, because the skin will get rid of them faster. When ready, finely chop. Tomatoes are peeled and finely chopped. So as not to bother you, grow them with a knife and put them in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes.

Simple recipe for bean curd. Chop the onion as small as possible and put it to harden in oil. When it becomes glassy, ​​add the grated carrot. Cook together over low heat for 10 minutes, then add the pepper. At the end, add the tomatoes with the juice, salt, pepper and bay leaves, to taste. We cook them together for about 40 minutes.

Add the beans at the end and let them boil for about 10 minutes. Pay close attention to the mixture. You have to keep an eye on the pot, otherwise everything will stick to its bottom. When the oil rises to the surface, the zacusca is ready. Zacusca is put in preheated jars in the oven. Then let it cool slowly, in a shady and sheltered place. When the jars are cold, you can take them to the pantry or to the kitchen, for a tasting.

Preparation for the zacusca recipe

I used the preservative because I don't think it's possible without it. I tried it in a year, on a small amount of zacusca and it broke down very quickly. After all, zacusca is cooked food, it wouldn't last without preservatives, right ?!

In 2018 I used preservatives, but it is possible without preservatives, but the secret I discovered is to sterilize the jars beforehand. Plus, I want to have enough zacusca to enjoy in case of cravings. I don't want it to last for years. Because every year I make a few jars!

For the bean curd!

I used 1 kg of small beans and 0.5 kg of large beans. Both white. This amount must stay overnight in a bowl of water to swell. In that bowl, the water has to pass far over the beans.

After it has swelled, the beans must be boiled. I boiled it with a few bay leaves and a pinch of salt. When it boiled and after it cooled down a bit, I turned to the vertical mixer for crushing. I don't have a meat machine like it used to. That grandmother used to make zacusca.

And I took advantage now, and I served myself a portion of beans with a little oil, vinegar and salt. How my grandmother used to give me. What memories.

Bell peppers

I had five kilograms of donuts to clean and prepare for the whole operation dedicated to this homemade zacusca recipe.

I cleaned them, washed them and then put them on the grater on the big side. I was all orange, but at least I did a good job. In my mind.

I know, that meat grinder was used by my grandmother in this donut crushing operation. He had a plate for the donuts coming out the front and a plate placed under the machine for the juice flowing from the donuts. As I did, I escaped more easily with these "leaks".

I also got rid of the donut shell, which was often not cooked properly in the zacusca. It can also be seen in the article What did I do with some EGGPLANTS how I chose to make donuts easier.


And now my throat stings when I remember this operation!

I cleaned the 2 kg of onion with a sigh of relief. I was all red in the eyes and it stung my throat and nose. Then I put it on the grater again. You're weird, know!

In vain I tried with water held in my mouth, to hold my breath and take turns. Nothing worked. So, I swallowed hard and hurried to finish. I didn't take a picture of the part where I used the grater, because I couldn't wait to put the onion on the fire.

Gastronomic treasure: Carp ICRE SALAD as in the time of Antim Ivireanul

Reinvented old Romanian recipes
Many unique stories in Dan-Silviu Boerescu's book "Sanda Marin. Life as a cookbook& # 8221 from collection 'Controversial destinies ", edited by Integral, available at the promotional price of 14.99 lei. More books in the collection available on www.eintegral.ro.

His Beatitude Antim Ivireanu, left with an eternal lie, at the foundation of His Monastery Antim, that, four times a year, the abbot of the settlement should go with a plocon to the hill, to the Most Holy Metropolis. And the plocon & # 8211 tells us Kera Calița ot Jariștea Locantă & # 8211 was a coffee goose and a sugar goose, and to honor the high faces of the nation's church, they wished carp caviar on wide, silvery plateaus.

"For ten church faces they prepare for the first light eyelash: 300 grams of carp caviar, 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of three lemons neither big nor small and according to the monastic tradition, with a well-greased wooden spoon , the eggs begin to rub with the oil which is poured with monastic patience, drop by drop. The secret is the same for hundreds of years, the caviar is decorated with a wooden spoon in one direction, to the right with a breath of fresh air. If by chance the caviar hardens, add a little cold mineral water and at the end, the salad being ready sulemenita, sprinkle with the juice of the three medium lemons & # 8230 ”(Read more: HERE!)

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